Circumference of a Circle: Word Problem

Solving real-life problems involving circle circumferences.

Circumference of a Circle

Perimeter length around a circle, calculated as 2πr.

Area between two shapes

Space enclosed by overlapping geometric figures.

Area of a Circle

Space enclosed by a circle's circumference, calculated as πr².

Area of a Circle: Word Problem

Solving real-life problems involving circular shapes' areas.

Use Perimeter to determine Cost

Calculating cost using perimeter measurements.

Cost of Landscaping

Calculating expenses for garden design and outdoor beautification.

Area given Sides: Word Problem

Solving for area using dimensions from word problems.

Area on a Grid

Calculating space within squares on a grid pattern.

Perimeter given Sides: Word Problem

Solving for total boundary length using side measurements.

Length from Area: word problem

Converting area measurements into linear dimensions.

Perimeter on a Grid

Sum of all sides' lengths on a grid.

Side given Perimeter: Word Problem

Solving for lengths with total boundary distance.

Area of trapezoids

Calculating space within a trapezoid using base lengths and height.

Area of a Rhombus

Space enclosed by a rhombus, calculated using diagonals or base and height.

Area of a Triangle

Space enclosed by a triangle's three sides.

Area of a Parallelogram

Product of base length and perpendicular height.

Complete symmetrical figures

Figures identical on both sides of a central line.

Simple Figures

Basic shapes in geometry: circles, squares, triangles, and more.

Volume of a Cone

Space inside a cone, calculated as one-third base area times height.

Perimeter, area and volume: changes in scale

Scaling impacts on shape dimensions and space occupied.

Volume of a Sphere

Space enclosed by a sphere's surface, calculated as 4/3πr³.

Volume of a Cuboid: Word Problem

Calculating space inside a rectangular box through a real-life scenario.

Volume of a Cylinder

Calculating space inside a cylinder using radius and height.

Dimensions of cubes and rectangular prisms

Exploring 3D shapes' length, width, and height.

Surface Area of a Cuboid

Total area of all six rectangular faces combined.

Volume of a Cuboid - Fractional Sides

Calculating space in cuboids with sides as fractions.

Volume of a Cuboid - Integer Sides

Calculate space inside a box with whole-number dimensions.

Volume and surface area of similar solids

Scaling laws for volume and surface area in geometrically similar shapes.

Distance between Two Points

Measure of the straight line connecting two points.

Equation of a Line: Two Points

Find a line's equation using coordinates of any two distinct points.

Equation of a Line: Point & Slope

Formulating a line's equation using a specific point and its slope.

Pythagoras Theorem: Word Problem

Solving real-life problems with Pythagoras' triangle relationship.

Missing Angles

Calculating unknown angles in geometric shapes and figures.

Angles of a Polygon

Sum and properties of a polygon's interior angles.

Supplementary & Vertical Angles

Exploring angles that sum up and intersect perfectly.

Missing Angle

Find the unknown angle in a shape or equation.

Complementary & Adjascent Angles

Angles that together equal 90 degrees or share a common side.