Feature List

Powerful Voice Assistant for your store

Easy to Install

Install the plugin and get power of voice in 5 minutes.

Auto learning

AI powered Vonic learns about your store automatically.

Gives Human Touch

Watch your customers TALK to your store.

Free for Lifetime

No credit card required. It is free for lifetime

Live Demo

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the store visitors have to install any plugins in their browsers?

No, Vonic browser works on all the browsers without the need for any plugin or browser extension.

Does Vonic allow voice assistance on non-Woocommerce/Shopify pages?

No. Currently, Vonic Voice assistant only supports Woocommerce and Shopify powered pages.

What langauges does this voice assistant understand?

English is the only supported language.

Safari is asking me to allow microphone permission again and again. This is annoying.

Please change the “Microphone access” setting under “Website Settings” to “allow”.

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and its free for lifetime for your business

Vonic voice assistant allows the visitors of woocommerce stores to browse products, add products and do checkout via voice commands.

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