Natural practice,
Instant Evaluation.

Auto evaluate open-ended questions and homework. Save 40% of your time. Give students in-depth feedback.

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On-demand live doubt solving sessions.

Develop answers collaboratively, to attack your knowledge gaps directly.

Online Maths experts

Our experts are available 24/7 to help you with your doubts.

Live sessions

Real time collaboration for step-by-step help.

AI powered assistant for teachers

Teachers are superheroes. Built by educators, Vonic knows what it takes to support your classes every day and to give you your time back.

Accepts open-ended answers

Vonic uses AI to evaluate open-ended answers done on notebook like interface. Say goodbye to MCQs.

Reduced Teacher workload

Freedom from evaluating 100s of notebook based submissions means more time for personal attention.

In-depth insights

Open-ended answers allow Vonic to perform multi-parameter evaluation and provide in-depth insights.

Instant evaluation

Automatic evaluation allows students to attempt any number of times.

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Rather than passive MCQs, students learn actively with open-ended answers.

Identify gaps and put students on path to success.

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Practice just like you do on a notebook.

Vonic assistant guides students step-by-step through any math problem.

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Elevate teaching to a new level

Instantly diagnoses and corrects your students’ misconceptions, and gives you insights into your class’s top learning gaps.

Mistakes are part of learning! Step-by-step support and targeted help enable your students to build strong growth mindsets.

Cutting edge technology provides detailed feedback to both students and teachers for better learning outcomes.

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